We at Vishal Tech has developed unique technique for forging ring and CNC Machineing like ball bearing, taper bearing, sparical bearing, niddle bearing, cylinderical bearing and gear complin, frange, bush silvs CNC machineing. We are able to deliver any type of size and shape of forging iteam as per drawing. Additionally we can deliver forging product as per custom design.

Forging Capacity
Tons 2,3,6 and 10 Tons
Annual Tons 1200 Tons
Pieces 0.5 to 60 kg/piece components
Material Carbon Alloy, Copper, Stainless Stell and material for any type of forging

Forging Process

  • Forging Die Drawing
  • Forging
  • Forging Inspection
  • Analing
  • Analing Inspection
  • Proff Machining
  • Proff Ispection
  • Machining Drawing
  • Forging Machining
  • Setting Inspection Report
  • In Process Inspection Report
  • Pre Dispatch Inspection Report
  • Packing(As Per Customer Requirement)
  • Dispatch