Vishal Technomation Pvt. Ltd.


We deliver quality products to customers. We give 100% training for inspecting process and maintain high quality standard. We have very skilled and educated workers. Even we prepare drawing (process wise) in house at our end for maintaining quality. Additionally we are using latest technology and using latest machine. Our workers always one step ahead and very focused in maintaining quality. We prepare report for process inspection, setting inspection and Pre Dispatch Inspection.

  • Vishal Quality
  • Vishal Quality

Manufacturing & Quality

  • Strict production management & manufacturing up gradation.
  • Our highly skilled labor operates from a modern, well equipped press shop & machine shop.
  • Process control from Design development to mass production.
  • We continuously strive to improve the quality of product
  • Tracking, Traceability & Accountability.

We are using the following equipments to maintain the quality standards.

No. Instrument Capacity
1 Surface Table Up to 1000 X 600 mm
2 Height Gauge Up to 600 mm
3 Bore Gauge 10 to 150 mm
4 Digital Vainer Up to 200 mm
5 Micro Meter Up to 250 mm
6 Surface Roughness Comparator RA
7 OD Comparator Up to 300 mm
8 Slip Gauge 87 pic 2 set
9 Height Comparator Up to 200 mm
10 OD & ID Comparator and Concentricity Checker Up to 300 mm
11 Roughness Ra, Rz, Rq